What is Collard Greens And How Can They Be Used In Your Diet?

Collard greens are loose-leafy vegetables that are highly popular for their taste and nutritional value. The vegetable belongs to the same species as that of cabbage and broccoli. They belong to the same cultivar group due to their genetic similarities. It is very common for people to confuse them with kale and spring greens due to the similar structure they share. The name “collard” means the wild cabbage is derived from the word “colewort”. The cultivation of the plant mainly takes place for their dark-green large edible leaves. According to some evidences, it is seen that the collard greens have their existence since 2000 years. The cultivation of the vegetable dates back to the Ancient Greek period where the cultivation of several types of collard leaves was highly popular.

What is Collard Greens And How Can They Be Used In Your Diet?
What is Collard Greens And How Can They Be Used In Your Diet?

5 Ways Of Eating Collard Greens

Rolling up in a Wrap

The tough leaves of the collard can be used in place of tortillas in various dishes. The sturdiness of the collard leaves acts as a better substitute to tortillas than kale and chard. The leaves of collard do not break or crack easily, hence can be used as a healthy substitute to many sandwiches, burgers, tacos and even burritos.

 Mixing it with Meat

The next time you are planning to cook meaty braise try to put some chopped collard greens. The lengthy cooking period and the fat from the meat will help the leaves go tender and full of flavour. This can be a healthy way to cook braise.

Flavouring soups with it

This is a very common way of cooking collard leaves. Adding some chopped collard greens in your pot of soup can bring a different flavour to the pot and make it healthier. They can be put in place of any green vegetable in the soup. Just keep in mind to give the leaves some time to grow tender and soft.

Salads and Slaws

The collard greens can be the best and cheaper substitute for kale. A plate of salad and slaw with collard leaves add a fresh flavour to it. These leaves can be eaten raw and the flavours of the leaves are quite delicious.

Into a Smoothie Blend

The fresh and hearty collard greens can be used in place of some green vegetables, like spinach or kale, to add some flavour in your smoothie. This will give the smoothie a different twist in addition to the nutritional value it provides.

What is Collard Greens And How Can They Be Used In Your Diet?
What is Collard Greens And How Can They Be Used In Your Diet?

Health Benefits Of Collard Greens

It is a well-known fact that green vegetables are rich in various nutrients that are good for the body. The consumption of the leaves is proven to reduce certain diseases and promote good health.

A lack of vitamin K in the body can cause a number of bone related problems. The collard leaves are rich in vitamin K that helps to promote bone health and strengthen it.

According to studies, add the collard leaves in your diet can help reduce the risk of cancer. The glucosinolates present in the vegetable is proven to prevent a number of cancers in the body.

The collard greens are highly rich in fiber, which is proven to help reduce diabetes in the body. The antioxidant present in the vegetable also helps in promoting a good health of the liver.

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