Types Of Cactus And What They Mean For You

Types Of Cactus And What They Mean For You

Many people in the US are unfamiliar with Cactus. Of course, we are not talking about a Cactus that you get from the grocery store; we are talking about types of Cactus that has been cultivated for various reasons. Cultivated Cacti are some of the best things you can buy and some of the most interesting ones to collect.

Types Of Cactus And What They Mean For You
Types Of Cactus And What They Mean For You

Cactus Snakeroot

The most common Cactus is the Cactus snakeroot. This species produces white flowers with purple leaves and flower buds. There are several cultivated varieties of this species.

Man-Made Cactus

The other species of cultivated Cactus that people often do not recognize is the Man-made Cactus. These plants are not naturally part of the Cactus family. Man-made Cacti have been created by a variety of methods, such as with a laser, carbon dioxide, or electro-fusion. There are also several uses for Man-made Cacti, which can range from simple ornamental purposes to commercial production for sale.

Hornwort Cactus

The second broad genus of Cacti is the Hornwort Cactus. This group includes a few species that are quite common and native to the US. These species include the Western Hornwort, Pleisicarpus, Pachydrina, Chinese, and Cryptocoryne.

And others aren’t as common, like the Peddle-tail Cactus, Pethia, and Gray-top. These species all grow on fences and around shrubs and trees, but don’t care if you know what they are. They are common species that people just like collecting.

Man-Made Cactus Has Very Similar Characteristics

For the Man-made Cactus, the biggest problem with learning about these species is that they all tend to be very similar in their characteristics. They all produce flowers that are either red or purple. They all grow into spiny stalks that grow upwards and have flower buds at the top.

If you look hard enough, you will find some species that have even more traits and characteristics than that, such as being able to grow up to 30 feet high. However, the Cactus community generally frowns upon the use of flowers on the sides of the stalk because these types of Cacti are considered “stalkless.”

Collecting Cacti

While it is a great hobby to collect Cacti, it is equally important to recognize the common characteristics of all species. No matter how different one may be from the other, they are all the same. One could be a hybrid of two species, but both would still share many of the common characteristics of the original.

Types Of Cactus And What They Mean For You
Types Of Cactus And What They Mean For You

Cacti Is Protected By A Seed Coat

The most common characteristic among all Cacti is the fact that each is protected by a seed coat. This protects the Cactus from injury by insects and the effects of external conditions. Some species develop a seed coat in response to different environmental conditions.

Removing Seed Coat

The key to growing a Cactus that are looking good is to carefully remove the seed coat so that the Cactus grows a thick and sturdy stem. The second major characteristic that all Cacti share is their ability to develop into a very impressive flower. The flower bud, or a flower, of a Cactus, is the “heart” of the Cactus plant.

Each flower bud is connected to a “petal,” which is an inflated sack at the bottom of the flower. If the flower buds get in the way of the wind or the rays of the sun, the petals become damaged, and the Cactus does not grow as a result.

Properly Watering Cactus

To properly water your Cactus plant, you must use the right type of Cactus watering system. There are several types of water systems, such as top-mount and hydroponic, to suit every individual style of growing and decoration you want your Cactus plant to have. Also, be sure to check out the environmental factors of the system before deciding on which one to use.

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