Top 3 Herbal Plant Identification Applications For Passionate Gardeners In 2020

herbal plant identification

Whether you are a wildlife explorer or passionate about gardening, you must think about installing plant identification applications on your smartphone. Passionate gardeners always get surprised when they see numerous plant identification applications on the Google Play Store.

Also, many apps focus on herbal plants, leaves, climbers, shrubs, and pond plants. As a passionate gardener, you might struggle to find herbal plants because they are rare and not easy to find. Now, when you don’t know the right name, you cannot think about planting them.

Thus, you should consider herbal plant identification applications because they are very handy and helpful for explorers, biologists, teachers, students, and even professors.

Below is the list of the most helpful and useful plant identification applications for passionate gardeners.

PlantNet Plant Identification

A close up of a flower

If you search for a free application that helps you identify the herbal just by clicking photographs, you should undoubtedly try the PlantNet application.

You only have to click the picture, or you can choose from your gallery, upload it, and get the right name of that particular plant. The best part of this application is identifying the plants, even with the leaves, flowers, bark, and steam.

According to many reviews, PlantNet application can easily recognize more than 20,000 various plant species within seconds. The passionate gardeners across the globe continuously update the database of this application.

Currently, this application focuses more on herbal and wild plants. PlantNet is also great for identifying common plants and trees. Above all, this application also mentions a quick brief about every plant.


A christmas tree in front of a palm tree

LeafSnap is the next exciting application for the recognition of plants. The interface of this app is user-friendly, and you can even find the details of unknown and rare plants. According to user views, LeafSnap can easily recognize more than 90% of this globe’s plant species.

Many users also claim that LeafSnap is the best combination of PlantSnap and PlantNet. This application is 100% free, but you have to deal with annoying ads. If you are super passionate about gardening, you can get the premium version. Like PlantNet, LeafSnap can also identify any plant by uploading photos of barks, leaves, fruits, and tree barks. Above all, you’ll never struggle with this app in recognizing the standard plants.


PlantSnap has a vast database managed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and can identify a wide range of plants and trees. PlantSnap developers claim that this application can recognize more than 650,000 trees and plants.

PlantSnap has recently started a program where they plant trees when the users share their photographs. However, this application is not; it is advisable to use the premium version. If you are a passionate gardener, you should get the premium version.

Final Words

You’ll find many herbal plant identification applications on Google Play Store, but not all of them are useful. For better recognition of plants, take several photos of a particular plant from multiple angles. Before selecting an app, consider the plant types in your garden and vicinity.

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