Things You Should Know About Cilantro


Have you ever thought of making your soups tasty along with other dishes? Have you ever thought of what is the taste enhancer of the soups and veggies?

The answer is none other than Cilantro. From the family of Apiaceae, arrives to raise the taste of Food. The peoples of the United Kingdom generally call it coriander.

Things You Should Know About Cilantro
Things You Should Know About Cilantro

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report. In which they suggested that consuming cilantro can prevent Cancer. HCA formation in meat stops from Cilantro.

According to the National Cancer Institute, HCA is responsible for cancer in the human body. It has a property to reduce that amount of HCA in food. So it can said that It’s an anti-cancer.

The traces of cilantro in human dishes can found from very early times like from 6000 BC when dry this was found in the israelien cave. Even today, also this is being consumed of thousand of humans on the planet.


1. Consuming cilantro has resulted in less obesity

2. It also decreases some of the chronic diseases like diabetes and also results in a healthy heart.

3. Human skin and hair are healthy by its use

Some More Facts

Cilantro also has a property to reduce pain and swelling in the body. The cilantro has analgesics property which is very reliable to reduce pain and swelling.

Cilantro has many health benefits and is use all around the world in herbal remedies.

Adding cilantro to the food and soups is the ultimate way to increase the taste and flavor in the food or beverages.

Proper use of cilantro can ensure lower cholesterol and heart issues along with diabetes.

Things You Should Know About Cilantro
Things You Should Know About Cilantro

It is traditionally used to decorate the Chinese foods and it is also used in salad decoration. Sometimes it can also be used as a dip toping for many chips and potato pancakes.

What are the demerits of using cilantro?

In some medical reports and studies, it has found that the excessive use of cilantro may cause Salmonella. Salmonella is a bacterial disease which affects the intestinal tracts. 

The nutrition Value:

  • 0 grams of fat
  • Protein:- 0 grams
  • Carbs:- 0 grams
  • 2 percent daily value of vitamin C
  • 5 percent daily value of vitamin A
  • Along with this also contains vitamin K and small amounts of potassium, manganese, and choline, as well as the antioxidants beta-carotene, beta-cryptoxanthin, lutein, and zeaxanthin.
  • 0 bad cholesterol in it
  • It has some amount of zeazlxanthin.

A proper use of this herb is advised. In a controlled way the consumption should be done.

The heavier use is strictly prohibited. As it may cause salmonella which can corrupt your body.

Many reports says that it is a gateway of internal tract infection. So make your dishes tasty and relish. The increase of this herb gives freshness. Let’s make this part of human food. In India it is called Dhaniya.

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