The Uses And Benefits Of Adding Parsnip In Your Diet

Parsnip is a type of root vegetable that is closely related to carrot and parsley. The vegetable is a biennial plant that is available annually. The vegetable has a cream-coloured skin and has a long, tuberous shape. The root is kept in the ground to mature and eventually becomes sweeter after winter. In the initial growing season, parsnip grows mid-green leaves. In its second growing season, it produces a flowering stem, which grows small yellow flowers. However, at this stage the root becomes inedible. The origin of the plant mainly comes from the Eurasia. The use of the vegetable dates back to antiquity and was first cultivated by the Romans. The root is generally cooked but can be eaten raw according to the need. The sweet taste topped with various nutritional values makes it one of the most popular vegetables around the globe.

The Uses And Benefits Of Adding Parsnip In Your Diet
The Uses And Benefits Of Adding Parsnip In Your Diet

Common Uses Of Parsnip


Parsnip largely resembles carrots and is often used as one. It perfectly acts as a substitute to carrots but have a much sweeter taste when cooked. There are several ways in which they can be prepared into tasty dishes. They are cooked for the sweet essence it produces that can give a rich flavour in dishes. It is generally used as a side dish when cooked.  

Butter Parsnips

The roots of the vegetable can be mixed with olive oil and butter to make butter parsnip. This enhances the flavour of the butter and is growing popularity all over the globe. This also helps in adding a nutritional value to butter.

Boiled Parsnips

The vegetable roots are also boiled in order to prepare some dishes. The solid portions of the boiled root are removes from soups and stews. This leaves behind a subtle flavour of the vegetable, which enhances the flavour of the soup and stew. The stews and soups not only gets an enhanced rich flavour but also increases the nutritional values significantly.

Roast Parsnips

Most of the English-speaking countries consider their Christmas food to be an essential part of the festival. Roast parsnips are an important ingredient in most of the Christmas dishes.

Deep Fry

The root of the vegetable are also thinly sliced and fried. This is a healthy way to serve as a treat to children. The sweet flavour and the nutrition provided by it makes it the best way to serve children.

The Uses And Benefits Of Adding Parsnip In Your Diet
The Uses And Benefits Of Adding Parsnip In Your Diet

Nutritional Values Provided By Parsnip

Packed with important nutrients

Parsnips are well-known for being a rich source of some important nutrient. The roots pack a dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial for the body. The vegetable is particularly a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K and folate.

Rich in antioxidants

The root vegetable is a good source of antioxidants. The antioxidants help the body to prevent a number of deadly diseases, like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.

May aid in losing weight

The parsnip is comparatively low in calories, in addition to that, it is high in dietary fiber. This makes the vegetable an excellent addition to a diet that will help you reduce weight. According to reports, regular intake of fiber can significantly reduce calorie intake up to 10%.

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