The King Of Herb Lemongrass And Some Facts About Lemongrass

Lemongrass is one of the widely used herbs in the world. But no one has ever thought of why it is so important? There are lots of benefits of lemongrass. It is very versatile and is used in cooking. Furthermore, its also used as an antiseptic. Like Cilantro Lemongrass has antioxidant property.

Lemongrass constitutes of the following:

  • Amount of calorie is 20
  • Protein serves 2.2g
  • Lesser fat
  • Fiber is 1.8g
  • Along with these carbohydrate vitamins c, k is there
  • Some amount of Folate is also present.
The King of Herb Lemongrass and Some Facts About Lemongrass
The King of Herb Lemongrass and Some Facts About Lemongrass

Some of the well-known facts on lemongrass:

It has less number of cholesterol. Which ultimately gives reduces heart diseases. Consuming lemongrass is good for a healthy heart.

Lesser the cholesterol is lesser will be the blood pressure. According to some medical reports, people with normal blood pressure are considered a healthy person.

There are several more benefits of lemongrass like lemongrass has antioxidant property. This property reduces the spoilage of food. This reduces wastage of food. Lemongrass is a part of human dishes for a long time.

Even lemongrass has inflammatory property. This can be used as antiseptic for the human body. They can also reduce the chances of cancer in the body. The consumption of lemongrass should be promoted for healthy growth.

In terms of digestion, lemongrass is very effective. Use of lemongrass in food ensures proper digestion. Lemongrass supplies and fulfills the fiber requirement of the body. Thus lemongrass is versatile in terms of benefits.

Lemongrass herbs also promote a healthy pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant eating lemongrass ensures proper development of both mother and child.

Folate is a nutrient which is responsible for the task. Folate helps in the growth of the baby.  Lemongrass is also effective as an antiseptic. They cure the infection very rapidly. A person having some kind of infection should use lemongrass.

However excessive use of lemongrass is not advisable. There are some side effects of lemongrass. Lemongrass is also very reliable in pain relief. It has analgesics property. They also boost the number of RBC in our body.

If there is some kind of bloating of blood it is also treated, by using lemongrass. They also remove anxiety. So high blood pressure person should use it.

The King of Herb Lemongrass and Some Facts About Lemongrass
The King of Herb Lemongrass and Some Facts About Lemongrass

Some side effects of lemongrass:

1. In some cases, lemongrass may cause skin irritation. As lemongrass erode the upper layer of skin. 

2. They also cause rashes on the skin.

3. They might cause dizziness 

4. Drowsiness in some people.

 5. Lemongrass is responsible for dry mouth.

6. Excess urination is caused by lemongrass.


Proper use of lemongrass is advised to the user. As there are a lot of merits and demerits of using lemongrass. It’s according to one’s ability to sustain the lemongrass.

Lemongrass is although a very good herb. However, it has some allergic property also. Along with all those merits. They can treat fever, cough and cold and hypertension.

So enjoy using the tastemaker herbs of soups and herbal antiseptic herbs grass.

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