Tawa Tawa Herbal Plant And Other Herbal Strategies To Know

tawa tawa herbal plant

The Tawa Tawa herbal plant is known to be a magical plant in herbal medications. Here are some benefits which are related to health. The Tawa Tawa herbal plant is full of medicinal properties and used with fuller plant usage. The euphorbia hirta is also known as the Tawa Tawa plant is a herbal plant used to benefit the body herbally. It is a pantropical weed that originates from tropical regions of America. As a hairy herb, it grows in open grasslands and roadsides in the warmer regions of India and Australia as an introduced herb in areas. Its higher classification up for it spurges and belongs to the Plantae kingdom.

Tawa Tawa Herbal Plant – Dengue Cure

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The Tawa Tawa herbal plant is considered the most famous folkloric treatment for dengue in the Philippines. The Tawa Tawa plant as its herbal identities can promote cell production and prevent platelet destruction. The anti-thrombocytopenic property of tawa tawa plant decoction in rats. One can use it by preparing a tea out of it. Just take 100 grams of fresh whole plant with roots, wash it and boil it in water for fifteen minutes, after paper filtration and cooling, just give it every hour to the patient till fever gives a downfall.

Tawa Tawa Herbal Plant – Asthma cure

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Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant, it is an ideal cure for soothing irritation in the respiratory passages. It is also known as asthma weed. Its milky juice holds healing properties. One can be cured by giving the tawa tawa tea to the patient on a medical basis. The tea should be consumed in moderate amounts only for one week.it also cures respiratory and lungs problems.

Recognizing its root from the mint family, Thyme is stuffed with not just immune elevating elements but it can also help in combating with all-embracing ailments. It helps to abate blood pressure, halt coughing, and the list is never-ending. Apart from this, the herb is overflowed with some crucial nutrients, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C which can keep you in fine feathers.

Tawa Tawa Herbal Plant – Other Health Benefits of Euphorbia herb

The Tawa Tawa herb benefits are not into some constraints. With the uses for asthma and dengue here are also some other benefits to the health issues. With the cure as successful medicine, there are some other uses to the Tawa Tawa herb are as follows.

Diabetes can be cured by the consumption of tawa tawa herb tea.

Lung problems and respiratory passage problems.

Moth blisters or oral thrush as moth rinsers

Gastrointestinal disorders


Respiratory tract inflammation


If any type of herbal disease is used for treatment, one should always be sure about it. Always take advice from doctors as if they are good for us. The Tawa Tawa herb can be found around, but if not it can be used and held in medical stores as stored and dry herb and tablets. When taken in the form of tea, make sure that the dosage of the tea is taken as per the advice of the medical experts.

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