Oregano Benefits and Side Effects

Oregano is a famous herb. People across the world use this herb for the purpose cooking. It has many properties. Bringing flavor to the dishes is one of the properties of the herb. There are many benefits of this herb. Other than adding flavor to food, it provides many health advantages. However, before discussing those, let’s have a quick look at the herb.

Oregano Quick Facts

Oregano Benefits and Side Effects
Oregano Benefits and Side Effects

People use this herb for cooking purpose. In addition, people use it for the purpose of medicine. Experts believe that the nutrients of the herb can fight cancer. The herb can add rich flavor to sauces.

Oregano Benefits

A long time ago, in ancient Greece, people used this herb for its medicinal properties. Even today people use it to treat many ailments. There are many health conditions which this herb can treat. If you want to get the benefits of this herb, you need to know more about it.

Antibacterial Quality of the Herb

This herb possesses antibacterial property. This is why, you can get immense benefit from the herb. Studies support the fact that the herb offers antibacterial benefits. Therefore, you can add this herb to your diet list without any worry. It will help you fight bacterial and will keep you healthy.


Oregano Benefits and Side Effects
Oregano Benefits and Side Effects

Consumption of Oregano can prevent illnesses from harmful radicals which reside inside the body. These radicals can cause harmful diseases like cancer. Therefore, it is important you try to clear away these radicals to live a healthy life. The antioxidant property also helps in curing heart diseases. Oil of this herb is especially beneficial for body.

Anti Viral

Some studies say that regular use of this herb can cure viral infection. It is loaded with compounds which help body fight with viral. The herb works like wonder in curing stomach related problems. If you suffer from diarrhea, then this herb is the right pick for you. Add this herb in your daily diet to spice up your food and also keep your stomach healthy.

Oregano Lowers Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem. Anyone can suffer from this. This herb can help you combat inflammation. Due to the antioxidant properties, the herb possesses the power to fight inflammation. It can reduce the effect of the problem and provide relief.

Oregano Cures Acne

Those who suffer from acne related problems can get benefits from this herb. It heals body from inside. Thus, it helps in curing acne. Regular use can promote healthy, clear skin.

Oregano Cures Fungus

The antibacterial properties of the herb help in fighting fungus. Regular use of the herb can heal nail fungus and other fungal infection.

Some Words of Caution

Even though this herb is loaded with beneficial qualities, you need to be careful about it. If you are pregnant, you should not consume this herb. The consumption might be harmful for the baby. Those who suffer from bleeding disorder should not consume this herb either. It might lead to greater damage. If you are allergic to plants, you should not consume this herb.

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