Marjoram Herb: Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses

What Is Marjoram? Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses

Marjoram is a popular herb that is mostly available in Mediterranean dishes. It is used primarily for its medicinal benefits and offers a wide range of health benefits. Also, it is also popularly known as Sweet Marjoram and belongs to the mint family. It is mainly available in North Africa, Western Asia, Mediterranean. It has mild flavors and primarily used as a garnish in meat dishes, soups or salad. You can gain maximum results from the Marjoram when it is dried, but it can also provide benefits when it’s fresh. 

What Is Marjoram? Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses
What Is Marjoram? Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses

Benefits Of Marjoram Herb

Marjoram herb has shown multiple benefits to the people who used it regularly. The fresh or dried leaves or Marjoram can be used along with tea to gain its medicinal benefits.

Anti-Inflammatory And Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidant in Marjoram can help you to prevent cell damage which is caused by free radicles. You can find multiple compounds in Marjoram, which can show antioxidant effects. It can also help in providing inflammatory properties which will reduce the inflammation.

Antimicrobial Activity

Marjoram also shows antimicrobial properties which can be helpful to treat fungal infections. You can use the diluted essential oil to treat the overgrowth of the bacteria. To find out about the proper use of the Marjoram, more research is required. 

Alleviate Digestive Issues

If you are facing trouble with indigestion, then the use of Marjoram can help with it. It can treat stomach ulcers and foodborne illness. For the proper proof of the treatment, human studies are essential.

Side Effects Of Marjoram Herb

There are some side effects of using the Marjoram herb. You must get information about such things to avoid any issue. A pregnant woman should avoid the Marjoram supplement as it can affect the reproductive hormones and the menstruation cycle.

What Is Marjoram? Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses
What Is Marjoram? Benefits, Side Effects, and Uses

Due to the intake of Marjoram supplements, you might also face blood clotting issues. Due to the effect on the platelet formation, the blood clotting issues can happen to the people who use Marjoram supplement, and they will make your blood thinner.

If you are taking medication for any medical treatment, then you should also avoid using Marjoram. It can interact with certain drugs and form anticoagulants and make the blood thinner. It will increase the risk of bleeding and cause multiple health issues. 

How To Take This Medicinal Herb?

You can use Marjoram herb as a garnish over the food or drink it with the team. It is also available in oils which can be helpful in cooking. You can also find other herbs if you do not have a Marjoram herb. There are herbs like oregano, sage, and thyme can be a replacement for Marjoram to gain various types of medicinal benefits. 

These are some of the benefits that you can gain from Marjoram herb. By using it properly helps in providing a lot of health benefits and ensures that you avoid various issues. You can learn about different methods by which you can take Marjoram to get its benefits.

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