Kohlrabi:The Most Valuable Herbs

Kohlrabi, one of the widely used herbs or a plant in foods. The presence of this herb in human cuisine is very ancient.

It is believe that kohlrabi, might have been originated from the great lands of Germany.

Sometimes, in other languages, kohlrabi is said a “German turnip”.

Which shows that it might have some links from Germany.

Kohlrabi:The Most Valuable Herbs
Kohlrabi:The Most Valuable Herbs

Facts on Kohlrabi:

The word kohlrabi is German. It means cabbage turnip. They occur in winter. There is turnip in the name of kohlrabi. However, they do not belong to the turnip family. Instead, they belong to the cabbage family.

Kohlrabi is used in soup making or they are directly used in salads as the main content. Kohlrabi has many nutritional and health benefits.

Nutritional Facts on Kohlrabi:

The person regularly consuming kohlrabi, don’t have any vitamin c deficient disease. They are rich in vitamin C. Like many herbs and plants kohlrabi are rich in oxidants.

These antioxidants tend to keep the person healthier and fit. They decrease the risk of disease in the human body.

They are a good source of fiber. The need for fiber in the body can be fulfilled by kohlrabi.

In diet, they ensure 17% of total fiber requirement. They contain both soluble and insoluble fiber.

Kohlrabi is a special plant which has Glucosinolates. Those are responsible for healthy hearts. Therefore eating or consuming this ultimately promotes a healthy heart. They also lower heart problems.

Kohlrabi:The Most Valuable Herbs
Kohlrabi:The Most Valuable Herbs

Biologically they also promote the immune system of the living organism. This plant is high in vitamin B6. These vitamins enhance the immune system of the body. As these vitamins protect the WBC which are our immune system.

Some Nutrition Measurements

  • Calorie is 36
  • Carbs percent is 8 gms
  • Fiber consists of 5 gms
  • Protein is 2gms
  • Vitamin C is 93%
  • Vitamin B6 presence is 12%
  • Potassium presence is 10%
  • Magnesium quantity is 6%
  • Manganese is 8% 
  • Folate is 5%

Kohlrabi also promotes healthy digestion. Since being rich in fiber makes it is a digestible plant. Proper digestion is the track to a healthy life.

Kohlrabi has a very good property of wound healing. Being rich in vitamin c helps it to heal out the wounds completely.

Sometimes this is very effective in pain relief. It removes out the pain sciatica. The person suffering from the pain of sciatica can use kohlrabi as medicine.

Side Effects:

Kohlrabi has many benefits but it has some side effects. There was no specification about eating this in pregnancy. No medical proof about the fact. There is very much less information about this fact.

So during pregnancy it is advised to eat normal food and avoid.

There is no concrete evidence about damages by eating an excess of this. Still, no diseases are found due to this. However, the person is advised to keep things under limits. It should be taken in an under the limited amount for the smooth function of the body.

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