Inauthentic Herbals Effect On Health

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People prefer herbal products nowadays. Though there are many artificial products available in the market, many people prefer to buy herbal products. People prefer herbal products over manufactured products due to many reasons. Generally, herbals have no adverse or side effects on our body. Though herbals don’t give quick results as compared to manufactured products, they show their effect gradually, as time passes by. We consume herbals directly as they are or through any secondary thing having extracts of the herbals. However, before consuming anything, it is vital to check the authenticity of a particular substance. The same thing applies over herbals also. It is essential to check whether the herbals that you are using or consuming are original or not.

DNA Barcoding Study

Generally, people think that they enhance their physical and mental health by consuming herbals. But according to a recent DNA barcoding study, some of these herbals or natural products are contaminated. They contain substitute substances or some other harmful ingredients.

Inauthentic Herbals Effect On Health
Inauthentic Herbals Effect On Health

Testing Of 44 Herbal Products

Researchers took 44 herbal products as a sample and tested them. Twelve manufacturers manufactured those products and sold them in Canada and the U.S. They concluded that around 60 percent of those samples contained DNA of many plants that were not listed on their labels. Moreover, 33 percent of the products contained contaminated substances in them. The substitute ingredients can dilute the actual function of the particular herbal. Therefore, DNA barcoding is necessary to verify the authenticity of the herbals.

Authenticity Of Herbals

Researchers say that herbal product regulation is not that good. In the case of many herbal products, their authenticity is not valid.

Inauthentic Herbals Effect On Health
Inauthentic Herbals Effect On Health

Disadvantages Of Inauthentic Herbals

There are many disadvantages of consuming inauthentic herbal medicines such as:

Allergic Reactions- There may be dangerous substances present in inauthentic herbal medicines. These substances can create allergic reactions in your body, and you can face serious consequences.

Cure Of Heart Attack And Broken Bones- Generally, herbals fail to cure broken bones and heart diseases. If the herbal medicines contains counterfeit substances in them, then they can seriously affect the internal organs of our body.

Accumulation Counterfeit Substances In Body- It takes time to get benefits from herbal medicines. It will help if you take them regularly to get health benefits. In that case, if you intake inauthentic herbals, then the hazardous substances present in them will get accumulated in your body as time passes by. This accumulation may bring any severe disease to your body in the future.

Poisoning- If you intake herbal medicines without checking whether they are the same herb that you wanted, and you consume the counterfeit product, then it can lead to poisoning.

Death- These medicines do not go through strict quality check processes. So, there are high chances that they may contain many harmful substances. These substances can sometimes lead to death.


Herbal medicines are beneficial to our bodies. But it is necessary to check the authenticity of any herbal that you want to consume. Inauthentic herbal medicines can cause severe problems in our bodies, leading to adverse affects on us – both physically and mentally.

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