How To Make A Vertical Herb Garden

herb garden vertical

If you are looking for a way to add more interest to your patio area, one thing that will make it more appealing and welcoming is a beautiful herb garden. Having this type of arrangement in your home can add a special touch of class and style that is not commonly seen in other areas of your home.

Having an herb garden in your home is a great addition because you can grow all kinds of herbs. You do not have to stick to the same variety. Instead, try growing a variety of different kinds of herbs that are not only beautiful but also grow quickly and are very easy to maintain.

Own A Beautiful Herb Garden

A close up of a flower

One idea to start with is to use a small planter or container to grow all your favorite herbs inside. This can be made very easy by using a hanging basket. You can buy hanging baskets in various sizes and shapes at any craft store. You simply attach a hook on the bottom of your hanging basket, or hook a rope on the ceiling to hang the basket from above.

Then, use a large container on your patio or deck to hold all of your favorite herbs. Some people will use a plastic container for their hanging baskets. However, hanging baskets can be made from any type of container that you would like.

To complete the vertical arrangement, use containers and pots in the same way. You can grow many different kinds of herbs such as basil, mint and sage, as well as many different vegetables like lettuce and beans. All of these can be grown in pots in a large area of space.

Tips And Ideas For Vertical Herb Garden

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It is a good idea to have separate pots for your vegetables and herbs. A lot of times, these pots are set up to look very similar to each other. For example, you may plant some lettuce on the left side of the pot and the mint on the right. This is just another way to add a little drama to your herb garden.

If you want to give your herb garden a more formal look, you may want to use a trellis to create the structure. This can also be added to a garden that has a hanging basket in place. By doing this, the area will look like it is part of the flower garden.

You can be sure to have lots of fun adding a little flair to your herb garden vertical arrangement. You can also add a small bench and some chairs around the area so that everyone has a nice place to sit and chat. This is also a great place for children and adults to get away from the TV and get away from their desk work for a few minutes.

Things To Make Sure While Preparing A Vertical Herb Garden

In addition to making your herb garden vertical arrangement look nicer, you should also make sure that it has plenty of water. Most herbs are very delicate plants and they do best in a cool, shady area. The sun is also not good for them, so a lot of shade is best.

On the other hand, herbs thrive in bright sunlight. So try to keep some of your plants in full sun. And, if you want your herbs to grow fast, you will need to keep their soil moist. for them to properly flourish.

Herbs tend to get very expensive if they are planted in containers or pots in a very small area. If you do not have a lot of room in your yard, then you should consider growing herbs in a container in a small pot. or in a small hanging basket. You can grow a lot of herbs at once in a container.


An indoor herb garden can be used for many different purposes. Not only is it a great place to relax, but it also makes for an excellent gift to be given to someone else.

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