Herbal Remedies For Cancer Cure: Is It Effective?

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They are partially right as those who sell teas and natural products to cure cancer are doing it only for the sake of making money, and any natural product that has anti-cancer activity can’t stand by itself cure cancer. Herbal remedies for the disease are to look more seriously.

But they are wrong in saying that cancer cannot cure naturally. Cancer can only be cured usually and not by any medicine. I really don’t think that there is a herbal recipe for cancer. If you are throwing herbs into a pot and brewing them or making them into a paste or a pill, that will not work. Even if the plants carry active ingredients in fighting cancer, you will never take enough in the raw form. It has to be chemically extracted and concentrated before it becomes beneficial to the patient. Here is the thing:

These are the best herbs for cancer treatment

Echinacea. Echinacea, belongs to a family Asteraceae. … Garlic. …

1. Turmeric.

2. Burdock.

3. Carotenoids.

4. Green tea.

5. Ginseng.

6. Black cohosh.

Herbal Remedies For Cancer Cure: Is It Effective?
Herbal Remedies For Cancer Cure: Is It Effective?

What Other Than Herbal Remedies For Cancer Can Cure?

1. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy are all means of eliminating cancer from the body. These are nonspecific and often harm the natural cells and organs too.

2. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery does not prevent a recurrence.

3. Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are themselves carcinogens. That means they are proven to cause cancer.

4. It is always the Immune system of the body which heals the body and also prevents a recurrence. The focus should always be on strengthening the immune system and keeping the body healthy.

Here is a case study a patient suffering from last stage metastatic cervical cancer who had no option of surgeries chemotherapy Radiation therapy left. She was to die at any moment by her family.

There is a lot of research being in publishing, which shows that cancer can be reversed with proper diet lifestyle and natural treatments all combined.

It is not possible to cure cancer by any medicine (allopathic, homeopathic, Ayurvedic, or even food as medicine – some people want to consume certain foods for the treatment of cancer and neglect everything else).

Cancer is a problem of energy metabolism. It has been for a long time that cancer cells do not produce energy (from sugar) healthily. They provide very less amount of energy per glucose but deliver it at a rapid speed.

These cells are very inefficient but super fast. That’s the reason cancer cells consume gross amounts of glucose.

The same principle is applied to identify places of cancer in the body by PET scan. During the PET scan, a person is given FDG (Fluorescent D Glucose) and scanned. The point where the body consumes FDG in high quantity is tested by a biopsy to confirm cancer.

Herbal Remedies For Cancer Cure: Is It Effective?
Herbal Remedies For Cancer Cure: Is It Effective?

More To Know On The Topic

Focus on the internal body environment. The feedback the cells give to the nucleus based on the climate outside determines which proteins the genes will produce. In other terms, which genes will be in expression is determined by the cell based on the environment and requirement outside.

Experiments have also proved that cancer is not a genetic disease. At least not in 96% cases. Interchanging the nucleus of a cancer cell and a normal cell does not change their nature. The standard battery remains healthy, and the cancerous cell remains cancerous.

Change your body environment, eat food that does not feed cancer cells, strengthen your immune system, live a healthy and happy lifestyle, slowly cancer will stop growing and start reversing.

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