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Patanjali is a world-renowned herbal product manufacturing company. Patanjali Ayurved Limited company has an exclusive product line of Herbomineral preparations. Many endangered herbs are grown on the farmland of Divya Yog Mandir and Patanjali Yog Peeth to maintain the quality of their products. The entire product range is manufactured keeping in mind the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices. The company claims to be 100% natural, herbal and does not use any chemicals in its preparations. The entire product line and the manufacturing process is environment friendly as well.

Why Choose Patanjali?

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  • Quality

This company lays heavy stress on the quality of its products. An exclusive team of Total Quality Management works on the quality of the products and the manufacturing process. A uniform level of batch-to-batch consistency is maintained to assure high-quality of the goods. They ensure that their customers get the same high-quality of products wherever it is purchased. They have several manufacturing units spread across the nation.

  • Machinery

Patanjali prides in owning and using special equipment for the manufacture of sterile products such as bhasma, ghanstva, capsule and eye drops. This special equipment includes steam sterilizers, washing machines, liquid filling machines, powder filling machines, membrane filter machines, component washing machines, blenders, sealing and labelling machines, inspection machines, vacuum testing chambers, lyophilizers, pressure vessels and more. 

Exclusive Product Range 

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  • Natural Food Products

A wide variety of biscuits, snacks, sauces, pastes, cooking oil, ghee, sweets and many other products are manufactured by this herbal product manufacturer. The products are high in quality and taste. These goods have a high-fan following in India because of the trust Indians have in Baba Ramdev and his company.

  • Natural Health Care

Patanjali manufacturers an exclusive range of high-quality natural health care products such as digestives, laxatives, health boosters, diet mixes, health juices and more. All these products are available in stores as well as in exclusive Patanjali outlets spread across the nation.

  • Natural Personal Care

This category includes a wide range of personal care and grooming products such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, toothpastes and more. Patanjali has created every possible product required for personal care with natural ingredients to give you the best and quality results.

  • Herbal Home Care

Herbal products for home care such as floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, and detergents are also available under this brand name. These are especially good and useful for those looking for chemical free cleaners for their home.

Vision and Mission

  • Vision

The vision of the company is to keep the spirit of nationalism, Ayurved and Yog intertwined and as the leading pillars. They aim to create a healthier society with their product line. They also intend to serve people by providing them with the best blessings of nature in our every day lives. They work with dedication, astute planning and scientific approach to develop the most natural and herbal product line.

  • Mission

The main mission of Patanjali is to make India an ideal place for growth and development of Ayurveda and also to make a prototype for the rest of the world.

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