Herbal Plants – A Solution To Headaches

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Herbal Plants have medicinal properties that can cure us of many diseases. How many of us are aware that herbal plants can cure headaches, even severe headaches, and migraines? It is absolutely not necessary to get a pill every time we have headaches; herbal plants are enough to cure them.

Some Herbal Plants That Can Cure Headaches

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Having an analgesic effect, this herb can cure headaches by stimulating several body processes and can provide relief. Chewing basil leaves can help in case of headaches. One can also boil a few leaves and have sips of it once it gets simmered. Inhaling the vapor of the same can also help.


This refreshing herb can also help in soothing a headache. Mint tea is extremely

beneficial when it comes to migraines. We have to just boil the water and put the mint leaves in it, then after leaving it for a while, we will have to strain the leaves, and our mint tea will be ready. Making mint tea is pretty easy, and sipping this tea can help you feel relaxed when you are suffering from a headache.


The soothing smell of lavender is bound to make anyone feel better. The fresh flowers of this herb contain compounds that are medicinal in nature because they are anti- spasmodic and are effective enough to make anyone feel relaxed and give relief from headaches. Use of a few dried lavender flowers per liter of water to make a lavender infusion can help relax the blood vessels and the muscles that are present around the scalp and the eyes.


The use of fennel herb to cure headaches dates back to ancient times. Earlier, fennel

was used by the Aztec tribes to cure headaches. Besides, Fennel also helps in the proper digestion of food. Fennel seeds or fresh stalks of the fennel herb can be used to make a fennel tea that is very beneficial. Pouring boiling water on fresh fennel leaves and leaving it too steep for a few minutes is all you have to do to make fennel tea. We have to then remove the leaves and add more hot water to them.

Willow bark

Willow bark is a well-known substitute for aspirin due to the presence of salicin and can cure headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, etc. Willow tea can be made by adding two spoons of powdered willow bark in 230 ml of water, boiling it, and then leaving it to simmer. After that, we need to just leave it to steep for around half an hour, strain it before taking sips.


Rosemary, Ginger, Coriander seeds, etc., are also beneficial in curing headaches.

Herbal plants can cure not only headaches but also heart-related diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

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