Herbal Medicine Books – To Grow Or Not to Grow

herbal medicine books successful gardening

If you are an herb gardener, it is good to read books written by an herbalist who has experienced the benefits of this kind of treatment. These books can be found in your local library or bookstore. But if you are searching for herbalists online, you will see too many false profiles claiming to be herbalists when they are not. Therefore, to avoid this problem, please learn from my experiences.

I was lucky enough to find an herbalist who shared his expertise with me. His name is Jim Rohn, and he is an experienced herbalist with 20 years of experience. He wrote a very good book called “HERB LANDS: Herbal Secrets to Successful Gardening”. The book has information that I really needed to grow my garden successfully.

The book describes the best herb to choose, which plants will produce the most herbs, and what conditions are suitable for growing these herbs. It gave me tips to select the best soil and the best mulch for the specific type of herbs I wanted to grow. It describes how to protect my garden against weeds, fungus, aphids, crab spiders, whiteflies, wasps, and many other types of insects that can destroy my plants. It also has information about diseases that are caused by fungi and what I need to do to prevent them from ruining my plants.

Herbal Medicine Books Successful Gardening

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The second book that I bought was by Jim Rohn again. This time it was “HERB LANDS: Achieving Success with Mediterranean Herbs”. This book gave me all the information I ever wanted to know about herbs and how to grow them. The book gave me step-by-step instructions on how to care for and grow different kinds of herbs, including those I rarely used such as basil.

Then there is the third herbal medicine book that I bought. It was by Debra Herring with a very informative title “HERBS: The Best Ways to Use Them” which includes a chart showing how to care for herbs, how to harvest herbs, what kind of fertilizers to use, and how to harvest herbs for recipes. In this book, there was also an interesting explanation of how herbal medicine can affect the body in many different ways. This book gave me a lot of recipes using various herbs. These recipes were not only great tasting but also had health benefits.

A Much Ado

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The fourth herbal medicine book that I bought was by Lee Manning. It was called “ALTERATIONS: How to Enhance Your Health and Wellbeing Using Natural Ingredients” which gave me some interesting information on alternative medicines. This book gave me recipes using herbs, how to cook with herbal ingredients and how to store herbal ingredients properly. The book also explained how herbal medicine affects the immune system so that I could better protect my body from illness.

The fifth and last herbal book that I purchased was borne thalmiclage’s book called” HERbs: Recipes For Successful Gardening”. This book gave me some very valuable information on what herbs I should be growing in my garden, what herbs to avoid growing in my garden and what kinds of flowers should I plant in my garden. This book gave me a lot of ideas on what herbs I could use for different things. This book gave me a few tips on how I could properly water my herbs. I also enjoyed the fact that in this book there was a section that explained how herbs interact with one another.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the herbal medicine books that I have purchased. They have all helped me in some way. Even if they don’t directly help you in your gardening efforts, I know that they will at least give you some good information that will help you become a better gardener. So if you are looking for herbal medicine books to grow your own herbs, chances are good that you will find something in these books that will appeal to you. Just remember to look for the ones that are geared towards herbal gardening and the information that you seek from these books.

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