Herbal Gardening At Bistro In Blowing Rock

herbal gardening at bistro in blowing rock

In Blowing Rock, New York, one of the most interesting experiences that a gardener can do is to learn about herbal gardening at a bistro. In this scenic area of Upstate New York, which is along the Hudson River, many residents enjoy a summertime recreation that includes a trip to a garden studio that offers a variety of different plants and flowers. Herb gardens are usually created at the home of a resident who wants to take charge of creating their garden on their own. The plants are grown and enjoyed by the community at large.

The gardens are located in a group of buildings that house businesses and residence services. One building contains four herb gardens that are located on the grounds of an older home. These gardens were originally created as an outdoor extension to the home. All of the herbs are imported and can be found from various countries including Italy, France, Spain and Germany. Each herb has a specific use that has been known for centuries.

Basil, Mint, Parsley And Rosemary

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The four separate gardens include basil, mint, parsley and Rosemary. They are each growing on their own plot of land. The basil plant will provide the accent of the garden. It comes in different shapes such as a small shrub or a bushy plant. The other two herbs are being grown for their Mediterranean flavor that can be used with any type of dish.

Many people have discovered the healing qualities that herbs have provided them with. For those interested in becoming involved in herb gardening at a bistro in blowing rock, New York, starting out with the easiest herb garden design would be the basil.

The Three Other Herbs Will Need Some Extra Attention

The three other herbs will need some extra attention to ensure that they come up strong. Mint will grow easily in a sunny window space. Parsley and Rosemary will require that you water them on a regular basis, but not too much. This is the trick to making sure that herb gardening at a bistro in blowing rock turns out to be a success. When the plants do not get enough water or if too much water is added to the soil, they will not come up as expected.

The third of the herbal gardening at bistro in blowing rock tips is the use of seeds. By using seeds, you will be able to reproduce a certain amount of the plant so that it will have seeds for another year. Once you have the herbs in your herb garden in terms of the colors, you will want to save the seeds so that you can replant the plant in the next growing season. Saving the seeds allows you to be prepared should a certain herb go extinct. You never know when a plant will no longer be found in the wild.

Final Words

Your final tip for growing an herb garden at a bistro in blowing rock is the proper mulch. The mulch that you select does not have to be an expensive type of mulch. A couple of spindly herbs such as mint and Rosemary can look stunning when they are growing in thick lush foliage. Mulching with pine needles will also help protect the herbs from the sun.

It is possible to have a beautiful herb garden without breaking the bank. Growing herbs in containers allows you to move them around should you want to change the way they look in the future. If you have an herb garden at home, it can be moved as needed. Just make sure that the herbs you select are in bloom when you are moving them.

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