Herb Gardening Basics That Makes Gardening A Happy Task

Herb Gardening Basics

Herb gardening at home is a great idea, but before getting onto it, one must learn the herb gardening basics. Herb gardening is now trending more across the world. People nowadays prefer putting freshly picked up herbs from their garden as people are becoming more concerned about the nutrition value in their fresh meal and try to make the meal even tastier by adding herbs. Hence, the concept of herb gardening is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Herb harvesting requires the least effort, and they are the easiest thing to grow. Huge maintenance is not required for these herbs, but herb gardening basics are required for these to be easily harvested.

Herb Gardening Basics

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There is no concrete rule for herb gardening basics to grow each herb, but they require certain seasons, weather, certain particular soil for some of the herbs. Herbs like mint and sweet woodruff as they love shades they require moist, woodland-like setting. In contrast, oregano and lavender constituting the Mediterranean herbs grows well when exposed to full sun and requires soil that is not rich with organic materials in it with a toasty warm temperature. But some herb gardening basics can be applied for almost all the herbs. Mentioned below are some of the herbs gardening basics.

Perfect Kind of Soil

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The selection of soil becomes the most important component in the herb gardening basics. Generally, almost all types of herbs require moderate rich soil to grow. If the soil is extremely rich with organic materials or is extremely fertilized, it promotes the herbs’ vigorous growth. A soil with fewer fertilizers used in it or a soil that is not so rich with organic materials helps the herbs to have a better flavor, and the smell of the herbs also gets intensified in these kinds of soil. But if the herb is a flowering herb, then the soil required for its growth needs to be rich soil with a lot of water.

Adequate Amount of Sunlight And Herb Gardening Basics

Another herb gardening basics is the amount of sunlight. The sunlight and the soil that the herbs collect help to intensify the herbs’ smell and flavor. Therefore a place where the herbs can get at least six hours of full sunlight is of utmost importance.

Herb Gardening Basics And Ideas

Adequate Water with Good Drainage System, Some of the herbs requires damp soil to grow, whereas some require the right amount of water to grow. Waterlogged soil can lead to the roots of the herbs to rot. Hence a good drainage system and the right amount of water is another herb gardening basics to remember.


Freshly picked herbs from one’s garden somehow add a different taste to the food prepared. Therefore any kinds of herbs can easily be grown using these basics. When you are trying to make gardening a happy task, you should be exploring some of the best ideas that can make it so. The herb gardening only makes the whole idea interesting and you can always integrate your creativity in coming up with a better version of a herb Garden always.

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