Greenlife Herbal Product – Top 3 Truths on Protecting Our Eyes

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Eyes are one of the precious senses out of the five senses in our bodies. So, it is normal to have myths surrounding the matter of protecting our eyes. Greenlife Herbal product promotes to eliminate all the myths and present the facts in front of you.

It is vital to learn about the harmful agents to our eyes and what could be really offered to protect them instead of damaging them. Therefore, here we have the top three myths broken about protecting our eyes by Greenlife Herbal Product.

Myths of Eye Exercises

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We all have heard the myth that if you do eye exercises then you can delay having glasses. That is actually a myth and totally untrue. Eye exercise can neither preserve nor improve your eyesight.

Eye exercises cannot help your eyes in any way like improving the health of your eyes and decreasing the chances of getting glasses.

Your eyesight relies on many things such as the health of the tissues of your eyes and the shape of your eyeball. They cannot significantly be changed by doing eye exercises.

Myths of Reading in Low Light

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Another myth that is always around us is that reading in dim or low light can have a worse effect on your eyes. The myth cannot be farther from the truth as dim light cannot damage your vision.

But, reading in low light can certainly make your eyes tired.

The best way to read something is to have your light directly focussed on your page.

The desk light should not be over your shoulder. The perfect way to read is under the opaque shade that is pointing directly towards your reading material.

Myths of Carrots Being Best for the Eyes

Since childhood, we have all listened to our grandmas telling us how carrots are the best food for healthy eyes. Though carrots do have vitamin A that is important for the eyes, and dark green leafy vegetables, or fresh fruits that have vitamin C, E and antioxidants are better than carrots to maintain eye health.

Antioxidants might even protect your eyes from aging macular degeneration and cataracts. However, you should never expect them to do the work of a glass or a doctor for you. Such as training your farsightedness or nearsightedness.


There are other myths too that cover the truth like a scientific fact. For instance, wearing your contact lenses or glasses all the time does not lead you to eye disease or any sort of discomfort to your eyes. If you need to wear your glasses all the time, you should wear them. Otherwise, it might tire your eyes out or strain them.

Samwise, looking at a computer or laptop screen does not harm the health of your eyes. They may dry them out and make your eyes feel uncomfortable but staring steadily at your screen does not worsen the status of your eyes.

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