Experience the Health Benefits of Mayana Herbal Plant

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There’s been a plethora of  noise about the health benefits of Mayana. Though this medicinal plant has been in the scene since ages, it was never brought into practical use until the herbal experts made a move. 

Before it became a medicinal herb

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It’s not been much longer, when Pacific Yew was used to make harpoons, canoe paddles and drum frames. However, the scenario changed, when the naturopaths discovered that the bark of this tree takes active role in inhibiting the growth of carcinogenic tumor. In due course, the compound Taxol ( found in the bark of Mayana) is acknowledged as the official anti-cancer drug in 1992 under Bristol-Myers Squibb. Recently, it’s been officially approved as a potion for AIDS-related cancer.

Medicinal Use of Mayana 

The medicinal use of Mayana is globally approved for treating menstruation problems, treatment of arthritis, scurvy, nephritis, tuberculosis, and several types of deadly cancers. However, the pharmacological uses of the pacific yew will better reveal the benefits. Read on to know how oral consumption of Mayana helps in treating deadly diseases 


Though a few patients getting this have reported a mild peripheral edema during the trial phase, the scenario becomes different after a few days of using it. The edema happens as a body’s response against the newly administered compound paclitaxel. However, the person is likely to slow down the weight gain process and thus get rid of fluid retention soon. What’s really important is that the administration of paclitaxel should be followed with close monitoring while you will be on this therapy. A patient who is on the early treatment of diuretics have also experienced benefits on administering paclitaxel. Regular improvements have also been seen in the patients with congestive heart failure or other comorbid conditions. 

Hypersensitivity reactions

Hypersensitivity reactions are seen to improve significantly with the regular implementation of paclitaxel. It might include the treatment of ailments like mild rash to severe anaphylactic reactions, which are often associated with hypotension. 

Cardiovascular Problems

Paclitaxel is extremely popular in treating the disorders like asymptomatic bradycardia. Patients who are living on chemotherapy are most likely to face such conditions but physicians are now applying paclitaxel for treating such cardiovascular disorders. More severe bradyarrhythmias and cardiovascular disorders have been reported to occur less frequently by the proper application of Mayana. It’s been also found in several clinical data that the Patients who have had experienced cardiac rhythm disorders or patients taking medicines for cardiovascular disease may also have beneficial results from utilizing paclitaxel.

Final Thoughts

Despite serious safety concerns, Mayana is being extensively used for treating diphtheria, swollen tonsils (tonsillitis), tapeworms, muscle and joint pain (rheumatism), urinary tract conditions, seizures (epilepsy), and most importantly liver conditions. Apart from treating breast and uterine cancer, women can also use it for treating menstruation problems and causing abortions. However, studies regarding its benefits are still going on, though several success stories are already in place.  If you are planning to try out any herbal plant, try this out.

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