Different Herbs And All The Benefits You Should Learn About

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Tulsi, basil, neem… All these names are an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We use herbs every single day for one purpose or another such as basil for kidney problems, mint for indigestion, tarragon for snake bites, etc. They are known for their medicinal as well as culinary properties. They can be used to add taste to your food items and make everything taste a little better. They are also used as an ornamental and can be grown in small bottles which makes them suitable to be grown in small spaces. 

Different Herbs And All The Benefits – Parsley

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Parsley is one of the most widely cultivated crops and can be used to add flavor to almost every single dish such as pasta, soups, salad, and vegetables.

Three main types of parsley are commonly available. They are curled leaf parsley, flat-leaf parsley, and Italian parsley. 

Different Herbs And All The Benefits – Oregano

A close up of a green plant

You may recognize the name oregano by the pizza topping without which your pizza seems incomplete. Oregano best perish in hot and dry climates and is a woody perennial. Some of the types of oregano are golden oregano, Common Oregano, Mexican oregano, Ornamental Oregano, Greek oregano, and Italian Oregano. It is mainly used to add flavor to Italian and Greek dishes.

Different Herbs And All The Benefits – Thyme

Thyme is a woody shrub that has small bushy growth around it. Types of thyme include creeping thyme, Common Thyme, golden large thyme, Lemon Thyme, and the Woolly Thyme. It is mainly popular as a culinary herb but is also an ornamental plant because of its beautiful foliage. Thyme finds its usage in adding flavor to meat dishes such as chicken, fish, beef, pork, etc. 

Different Herbs And All The Benefits – Basil

Basil is an herb that is most widely used as a culinary herb. It is available in numerous varieties and each variety is suitable for a different kind of cuisine. Types of basil include lemon basil, Sweet Basil, cinnamon basil, Genovese Basil, purple basil, Thai Basil, Persian basil, Greek Basil, lime basil, Holy Basil, and the Clove Basil. The flowers of basil can be used to garnish pasta and salads. 


A large variety of herbs are available in the market. Each one of them has its unique flavor and adds a different aroma to the food. Also, they can be used in a variety of dishes and make everything taste, look and smell a little better. They all grow in specific climates and have a specific method of usage. You may get to know about the availability of a variety of herbs as you research deeper about all of them. We would like to advise you that you have to be a little careful then you are handling The Herbs because it is not like we have all the knowledge in the world as to what The Herbs could bring. It is advisable to get the expert knowledge on this matter before making any decision because Herbs are something we are yet to explore completely. 

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