Coriander Benefits and Side Effects

Coriander is a special herb. It is famous for its flavor adding properties. Asians use this herb extensively to their dishes. The herb belongs to the carrot family. The best thing about the plant is – you can use the leaves and also the seeds for cooking. Other than adding flavor, the herb provides health benefits as well. The herb comes loaded with many properties and nutrients. These make the herb a must for daily diet. If you are looking for a spicy way of boosting health, you can add this herb to your dishes. The herb is high in food value. This is why – consuming this can help you combat a lot of health related problems.

Coriander – Health Benefits

Because of the health beneficial properties this herb has gained fame. It is not only in Asia, this herb is popular across the world. So, what are the benefits of this herb? Why should you consume this? The most important question is – what are the side effects of the herb?

Coriander Reduces Inflammation

Coriander Benefits and Side Effects
Coriander Benefits and Side Effects

It is loaded with anti-inflammation property. It reduces kidney related problems. If you are suffering swelling due to your kidney, you can consume this herb. It has the power of curing the swelling. The herb reduces inflammation. Also it is famous for reducing effect of anemia.

Coriander Reduces Cholesterol

The herb contains many beneficial properties. It has the power to reduce cholesterol from blood. Additionally, the herb can help reducing cardiovascular diseases. If you are suffering from heart related problems, or you have high cholesterol you can consume this herb for maximum benefits.

Coriander Cures Diarrhea

If you are suffering from vomiting, nausea or other stomach related problems, you can consume this herb. It is extremely helpful in curing stomach related diseases. You will get its benefit if you consume this herb before your meal. It will help you get a healthy stomach.

It Reduces Skin Problems

This herb is efficient in fighting germs and dirt. This is why you can consume this to keep your skin healthy. It has detoxifying properties. Due to this the herb can solve many of your skin problems. Regular consumption keeps skin clean and blemish free. It adds a healthy glow to the skin as well. The antioxidant property of the herb makes it so good for skin.

It Controls Blood Pressure

Coriander Benefits and Side Effects
Coriander Benefits and Side Effects

Regular consumption of Coriander can control blood pressure. The herb helps blood vessels to relax. Due to this it can control blood pressure. Also, the herb has the power to prevent heart attack.

It Maintains Oral Hygiene

The herb keeps teeth and gum healthy. If you consume this on a regular basis, you will notice that the antiseptic quality of the herb helps in improving oral health.

Side Effects

The herb does not have any harmful side effects. However, there are occasions which might cause allergic reaction. You need to be careful if you are dealing with the seed. Mainly the seeds of the herb cause the allergic reaction. Also, the herb might not be beneficial for pregnant women. Therefore, if you are pregnant you should avoid this.

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