Contributions Of Artemisia Herbal Plant In Human lives

artamisa herbal plant

Artemis is Vulgaris, or mugwort plants in Asia, North America, North Europe, Alaska. This plant grows above the ground, but the roots of these plants are used for making medicines. This plant grows on the waste places and roadside areas, nitrogenous soils, and uncultivated areas. This plant measures 1-2.5m tall from the ground level, and leaves are 5-20cm long; this plant grows with an extensive rhizome system.

Artemisia Herbal Plant And Medical Industry

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There is a great contribution of mugwort plants in the medical industry; the root of this plant is used for making medicines. Even mugwort roots are used for energy boosters in the human body. Moreover, many tonics are made by mugwort roots. This plant gives good results as stomach problem medicine; it helps to heal the disorders of intestinal functions like colic, constipation, diarrhea, weak digestion, cramps, worm infestation, persistent vomiting, and gastric problem. Not only that, but this is also used as a liver tonic and seductive to stimulate. This plant is utilized after mixing with hysteria, epilepsy, and convulsions for child treatments. This plant helps to recover women’s internal problems like irregular periods and other menstrual problems; it also helps in recovering disorders of the uterus. After mixing with other components, the mugwort plant’s roots can recover mental problems named psych neuroses and improve mental health. It helps to recover depressions (neurasthenia), preoccupation with illness (hypochondria), mental restlessness, general irritability, sleeping problem (insomnia), and anxiety.

Unknown Facts Of Mugwort

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There is a great contribution of the mugwort plant in treating skin issues. Direct use of mugwort lotion helps to recover itching problems and burn scars of skin. But taking the rest of the mugwort plant in pregnancy is not so safe; it might be the cause of miscarriage cause it can start menstruation and recover the uterus system. so do not take mugwort in pregnancy or breastfeeding period. Mugwort plant is the species of Asteraceae of the flowering family to be the cause of allergies. Whoever is allergic to birch, celery, and carrot, mugwort plant is not suitable for them. There IS a name for such an allergic reaction, that is “celery-carrot, mugwort, spice syndrome.” Mugwort plant is also not suitable for those people who are allergic to honey, white mustard, hazelnut, royal jelly, olive, latex, peach, kiwi etc. So take it carefully.


Artemisia Vulgaris is a very demandable and popular plant. People prefer this plant to make medicines for its versatile attribute. The recommended doses of mugwort can make you fit and healthy. This plant is completely safe (not for allergic people and pregnancy time) for everyone. People can take advantage of these plants with the recommendation of physicians.

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