Best Pots For Indoor Plants

Best Pots For Indoor Plants

Many people like to have plants inside their homes. Well, it is widespread even with interior decorations. Indoor plants can give your home a dynamic look and keep it fresh and positive. If you are planning to have indoor plants, then you need to know the matching colours and designs of plant pots that will match with your wall colour. As far as plants are concerned, you can keep any plant that can live without sunlight like succulents, ferns, Chinese bamboo, and more. 

Indoor Plants Pot Materials To Look For In The Market

The first and foremost thing is to choose pots that have drainage holes in them. You don’t want the plant to overflow with too much water and die. A proper drainage system helps you with better circulation. You can put a tray under the pot. Always make sure that you don’t overflow your plants even if you are hanging them. 

Material Ideal For Indoor Plants Pots

Well, if you are looking for material options, there are many available in the market. Wood, plastic, and ceramic are some of the best materials to put your indoor plants. However, all these have their pros and cons. Since ceramics are porous, it is more likely to retain water and save your plants from drowning. However, this also means that you have to water them in every interval. Plastic pots are easy to clean and light in weight. They don’t have any chance of destroying or breaking any soon. However, it is best for those who forget to water their plants, as it dries quickly. 

Size Of Your Indoor Plants Pot

Well, the size of your indoor plant pot entirely depends on the size and type of plant you are planning to keep. Here is a list of containers that you can try for your indoor decor with plants. 

Greenaholics 6-inches

The modern touch ceramic pots have an ergonomic design and are a five-star product among customers. It is perfect for herbs and small flower plants.

Homenote Pots (White)

The ceramic pots are available in three different sizes and perfect for keeping succulents. You can keep it on your balcony or your centre table. It also has bamboo trays for draining excess water. 

Best Pots For Indoor Plants
Best Pots For Indoor Plants

Terracotta Planters

Terracotta is one of the best materials for succulents. If you have large succulents, then these pots are perfect. You can also try jade plants in these. 

Greenaholics Succulent Pots

Are you planning to keep something on your dining table or study table and not want to dirty it? Well, these succulent ceramic pots are perfect for small succulents. It has drainage holes along with bamboo trays. 

Mkono Hanging Pots

Want to decorate your balcony? Well, these hanging pots are fantastic. Not only will it give your gallery a modern look but also keep your plants happy. These eight inches cups are beaten to keep spider plants, Boston ferns, and more. 

Therefore, if you are planning to decorate your house with indoor plants, consider these points and look for the above pots. You might find the one perfect for your home. 

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