Arnica Can Reduce Chilling and Reducing the Pain Caused by Internal Bleeding

arnica tea

Arnica Tea is considering a very fine quality loose leaf tea with an exotic herbal flavor. For this reason it is also called “arts”. Arsenic, an iron mineral, is the key ingredient in Arnica. To prepare arnica tea, simply infuse 1 tablespoon of dried (or powdered) arnica leaf into 2 cups of steeping water. Allow the mixture to steep for ten minutes.

Distilling the herb leaves releases the arsenic into the beverage. The flavor can be further enhanced by boiling the leaves in a quart of mountain tobacco. When finished distilling the herb, the flavor should be very mild with a hint of sweetness. Use the herb in smoothies, sauces and ice creams, or make a tea beverage by infusing and steeping fresh arnica leaves in filtered water.

Arnica is used by many for the relief of skin inflammation and cuts due to injuries and overexertion. It is also effective in treating burns, scrapes and bruises. This herb has many other beneficial uses in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions including arthritis, bursitis, coughs, flu, bronchitis, colitis, eczema, e. coli, influenza, hemorrhoids, pimples, rosacea, varicose veins, and yeast infections. Arnica helps relieve the pain from bruises and cuts because it soothes the skin, blood vessels and muscles.

Arnica tea may also be used for fever or for the treatment of digestive complaints such as diarrhea, dyspepsia, and nausea. Arnica is a valuable ingredient in making iced tea. Simply boil five to six stems of the arnica and place in a pan with just enough cold water to cover the buds. Let the mixture cool and then strain into small paper bags, which you can now ice and drink.

As an infusion, the cooled infusion can be applied to the skin to relieve pain from bruises and cuts. You can make your own iced arnica tea to take away the hassle of buying the bottled stuff at the store. All you have to do is buy a bottle of Mountain Tobacco and pour in three to four drops of the herbal extract. Or you can choose to use the ready-made infusion, which comes in a concentrated form. Then, heat up a few teaspoons of the concentrated arnica tea and drink it.

For external use, the cooled arnica tea can be applied to the skin or directly to the wounds. The soothing and cooling effect of the herb encourages healing and decreases pain and swelling. As an external treatment, it is excellent for healing open wounds, scrapes, and bruises caused by accidents. Arnica also promotes fast healing of wounds from surgical treatment. It is also effective in reducing the size of open wounds, even after surgery.

Bottom Line

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However, before drinking the arnica tea, it is best to consult your physician first. Arnica might worsen your condition if you are taking certain medications such as diuretics, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. If you are suffering from internal bleeding, stomach ulcer, internal bruising, joint pains, or digestive problems, you should consult with your doctor immediately. While undergoing arnica treatment, you may experience some stomach cramps. It is recommended that you drink at least half a glass of water per minute to minimize abdominal discomfort. However, do not stop drinking this beverage because it is good for your health.

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