All You Need To Know About Catnip Herbal Plant

catnip herbal plant

Catnip is a herbal plant that was found in Europe and now is also used widely in Canada and North America. The plant is dark green in color and the leaves of the plant have oval shaped tooths. It is also mentioned as catnep and catmint in various parts of the world. This is used as a medicine and its dried leaves and white flowers are used to make tea for a calming sensation that makes the body feel better. It is used mainly in tea and gives a soothing sensation to the body.

If you also want to make use of this you can simply make a tea out of it that will give you relief from headache and anxiety. In some cases, the root of the plant comes into use but it is more like a stimulant than an actual relaxant which is not recommended. You have to use the plant wisely so that you do not take more than what is necessary.

Uses Of Catnip

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The catnip can be used in tea to reduce anxiety and extreme nervousness and in some cases it also gives people relief from symptoms of indigestion and insomnia which makes it a great option for people. You can also use it to treat any gastrointestinal problems and cramping without taking any medications. It is also used for the treatment of coughs and fevers so you can use it for the same. Try to make the tea as light as possible so that you do not feel over active.

How To Make Catnip Tea

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It is easy to make catnip tea and you only need a few ingredients for the same. You have to mix about two teaspoons of the dried catnip with a cup of hot water and you can also add some lemon and honey to it. You can also let it steep for about 10-15 minutes so that you get all the goodness into the tea. The tea will taste grassy and woodsy but if you let it sit you will taste the citrus and the minty flavor as well.

Side Effects Of Catnip

Most common side effect of using catnip is that it can cause drowsiness but it is very mild. Some people also complain of headache or digestion problems after taking catnip in their tea. You have to refrain from drinking it before bed as it causes urination and also makes you sweat which will not help your sleep at all. If you are pregnant you are not allowed to drink this as it can cause premature labor which is not good at all.


These are some of the things that you must know about the catnip herbal plant and these things must be kept in mind while you use it. The tea is easy to make and you can get rid of any problems with the help of it but only if you take it in moderate quantity. Also, you can consult your doctor if you have any doubts so that he can confirm whether you can take it or not.

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