5 Benefits Of Celery You Should Know About

5 Benefits of Celery You Should Know About

Most people have heard of Celery. It’s grown in the United States and some parts of Europe and is a very popular vegetable. The popularity of Celery will increase as it becomes more widely available in grocery stores around the world.

However, for most of us, we are probably only familiar with the vegetable when we come across a stalk with a peel on it. If that’s the case, you probably think of the peel as a part of the celery. It’s interesting to see that Celery has many uses other than the obvious use of the stalk itself. Here are a few of those other uses.

5 Benefits of Celery You Should Know About
5 Benefits of Celery You Should Know About

Celery Peel

Use as a squeegee: The peel of celery is well suited for cleaning up spills. Simply squeeze the celery stalk and voila! You’ve got clean water to use in your kitchen!

Garden mulch: You can make vegetable compost from celery leaves, although it is much better if you use the leaves whole and not peeled. In any case, you can also mix in a little of the leaves in your soil.

Herb garden: You can grow thyme, oregano, and even pepper plants out of celery. These are all good herbs and can be added to your table for many meals.

Spruce Vegetables

Use it to boil your spruce vegetables: While it may seem to be too bitter or unfriendly to eat for cooking, celery can be boiled with the leaves for soups, stews, and other dishes. Just add a bit of water and be sure the water is hot. The leaves will thicken up while simmering and this is great if you are making soup.

Use it to make pasta: While we don’t usually think of celery as a pasta vegetable, in reality, it can be quite tasty. Just leave the leaves out of the pan and let them steam up in the oven while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Use it as a bag: Keep it in a bag and it will last for years and never get torn or moldy. Be sure to seal the bag well though, or else the leaves will eventually start to rot and dry out. If you do not want to use the bag, use paper towels, and place the bag in a trash can when you are done.

Cookies And Cakes

Decorate your cookies and cakes: Celery is one of the best greens to use for decorating cookie dough. Combine the leaves in the dough before baking and it will add an interesting flavor to your cookies.

Use it as a lab rat: Celery is a good source of protein, which is needed for fast-growing muscle fibers in labs. Place it in a nutrient broth and add the leaves and begin raising a generation of new muscles. This will let you see its benefits as you get stronger in your workout!

5 Benefits of Celery You Should Know About
5 Benefits of Celery You Should Know About

Final Verdict

For those who have gardens, the celery stalk can be used for composting. You can also try growing it in containers and providing a wonderful environment for bugs to breed. Your kitchen can be a haven for wildlife and provide insects that are harder to find.

All in all, Celery is an excellent general healthful snack that is healthy for you. Try it in a stir fry and stir in some carrots, onions, and garlic. Throw in some vegetables and grains like wheat bread and whole-grain crackers and you have the base for a complete and delicious meal.

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